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Website widgets are small applications or tools that can be integrated into a website. Widgets are typically small interactive elements that can be placed on a website to display a variety of content, such as maps, calendars, weather, social media share buttons, forms, product listings, and even videos.

Widgets are useful because they allow you to quickly add functionality to your website without having to write code from scratch. They are also easy to install and configure, as most widgets on the market are designed for users without advanced programming skills.

Below is a list of available widgets that you can easily add to your site. Select the calculator you are interested in from the list, enter a title, and then select the width of the widget that best fits your site. You will receive HTML code that, when inserted into your site, will display the functionality you selected.

Widgets Instructions

To add a widget to your site, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a calculator from the list above
  2. Enter a title for the widget
  3. Choose the width of the widget
  4. Copy the HTML code that appears on the screen
  5. Paste the HTML code where you want the calculator to appear on your website
Preview the widget:

Final summary

If you have any problems with embedding the widget or how it works, please contact us using the contact form.

Do you need a tool that is not here yet? Write us, and we will try to add it first.