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Matrix calculator

Matrix Calculator is a simple and convenient online tool that allows you to quickly perform various operations on one or two matrices. You can add, subtract and multiply matrices, as well as calculate their determinant and inverse. All you have to do is enter the matrix data and select the appropriate operation, and the calculator will automatically calculate the result. With this solution you can quickly and easily calculate different values for a matrix.

Below you choose the size of the matrix, fill in all the fields with the data and select the operation to be performed. If you use the Fill button, the matrix will be filled with random numbers from 0-10.

Matrix AMatrix size
Matrix BMatrix size

How do I use the Matrix Calculator?

The Matrix Calculator allows you to work with matrices of size 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, etc. up to matrices of size 8x8.

First, prepare the matrices by determining their dimensions. Then fill in all the fields. Select the action you are interested in by clicking on a button, e.g. for matrix multiplication it would be the Multiply button.

The Fill button, which fills the matrix with random numbers from 0-10, can be useful.

Available operations

Our matrix calculator allows the following actions

Remember that some operations are possible if the matrices have the right size, e.g. for matrix multiplication the first matrix must have as many columns as the second row.

What are matrices?

A matrix is a special type of array of numbers used to store and process data in mathematics and science. Arrays can be of any size and consist of any number of numbers. This makes them very useful in many fields, such as linear algebra, geometry, physics, or statistics.

Matrices can be added, subtracted, and multiplied, and can have a determinant and an inverse. The determinant is a special value that can be calculated for a square matrix and indicates whether the matrix is invertible. The inverse is a matrix that, when multiplied for a given matrix, gives a unitary matrix.

Applications of matrices

One example of where matrices are used in the modern world is in computer graphics. In computer games, matrices are often used to model objects and movement in the game. For example, when an object moves across the screen, its position is modeled using a matrix, and the object's movement is calculated based on that matrix. Matrices are also used to calculate perspective and viewpoint in a game to create realistic visual effects.

In addition to computer games, matrices are used in many other fields, such as robotics, molecular biology, and even finance. In robotics, matrices are often used to model the position and motion of robots, and in molecular biology to analyze DNA sequences. In finance, matrices are used to model financial markets and calculate the value of financial instruments.

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