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Have you ever dreamed of a place where you could find all the calculators, converters and generators you need in one place? Well, your dream has come true! is here to make your day easier and provide you with instant help in a variety of areas of science, finance and life.

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6 awesome tools to use.

Take a look at some of the cool, amazing, and useful tools we have to offer.

Calculate Scale

A tool that calculates scale and converts lengths to scale.

Kalkulator Skali

A tool that calculates scale and converts lengths to scale in Polish.


A tool that calculates scale and converts lengths to scale in Germany.

Generator Liczb Losowych

Generating, drawing numbers. Dice and coin toss (eagle or heads) - page in Polish.


Generating, drawing numbers. Dice and coin toss (eagle or heads) - page in Germany.

Mini Kalkulator

Site like this one but in Polish. It has many online tools.